Cthulhu Redux (Masks of Nyarlathotep)

London to Cairo by way of France

Wed. feb. 13, we went back to question Barrington about the Penhuw foundation and yet again he had nothing to tell us, and there was no mention about the illegal passports we sent him, we leave in a huff.

Dr. Schmidt, Victor, and Jeremiah head to the penhew foundation under the pretense of having an appointment with Gavigon, but he is not there having gone on a long weekend, next available Feb. 19. The following Tuesday.

On the way back to our hotel Dr. Schmidt notices we are being followed and as we pull over the cars stop the men getting out firing upon us quickly, after an intense gun fight and two men attempting to stab Dr. Schmidt and Renault, Dr. Schmidt who was seriously injured, our party makes its way back to their hotel, Renault pulls in an alley in the back as Ernie is bleeding profusely and overcome with pain decides to self-administer himself with some morphine to dull the sensations. In the night as we slept a fire “mysteriously” broke out and the hotel was forced to evacuate, after then we went to Cambridge to rest.
The following morning Feb. 14, Victor decided to make a call to Barrington insinuating that he took part in the fire at our hotel. Victor seemed rather curt with the inspector though his raised voice could be heard over the line until victor abruptly hung up on him.
Miss Bartlett called him back with a more soothing and more pleasant tone and choice of words and he admitted that “Barrington seems ok at initial glance, heard leads about the blue pyramid, thinks something is wrong with Tufik despite no signs of illegal activity, He ended saying he would share information, but would not reveal anything to compromise his investigation”

Our time in London over we head to france to study that which we acquired at the foundation, spent 45 days studying in which we found:

10 poems praising the black pharaoh, telling of his horribleness, naming him as Nyarlathotep, the god of the bloody tongue.

1 tale of the sungod Ra

1 recipe to create powder of Ibn Ghaz, makes visible the unseen

How to prepare a bladed weapon to forever remain sharp and be painful to unearthly beings

How to send dreams

Nothing is learned about the statuette or mirror

Upon finishing our stay we head to cairo, and in Apr. 4, 1924, we arrive in the port of Sayeed, just north of Cairo

A young boy Hakeem, offers to be our guide and takes us to a fine hotel, then the street of jackals to meet with Faraz, whose initial shop was burnt out 5 years earlier. Finding his current shop we see he sells nothing but junk.

At first he is confused when we mention his old shop then turns downright angry when we give him the letter we had. The sight of money is enough to calm him down though.
The next day we meet with Faraz at the mosque where he tells us Carlylse sought the reign of the black pharaoh, never met carlylse only was contacted through an agent by the name of Warren Besart.

Sold him items such as a drum, strange circlet, rumored to be crown of B.P., large grey gem, statue of B.P., multiple scrolls.

He got these items as well as the scars on his face from Omar Shakti, a very dangerous merchant, who is very involved with the cult of the B.P., something akin to living fire was sent by Shakti, to deal with Faraz.

The brother hood stole some mummies, and seeks something from Ibn-Tulan, mentioned we should check out clive expedition, a group of Europeans, still in Egypt.

Checking in with the counsel of antiquities, where the expeditions are registered, we found out the clive group is in Memphis, and Carlylse was at Giza, Sakura, and Dashur, The bent pyramid is at Dashur (and looks like wills penis)

The Clive expedition is also sponsored by the penhew foundation!
They consist of Henry Clive, Martin Winfield, James gardeler, Johanes Sprecht, Agatha Broadmore, and formerly Janwillen Van Huvelin.

The next day we meet Dr. Meyer at the museum who is at first confused by what we wanted to meet him for and sends us to Dr. Kafur, who was slighted by Aubrey Penhew, because he didn’t seek him in regards to the bent pyramid, and as such doesn’t seem to like the penhew foundation.

Brings up Sniferu, who ended the reign of the 2nd pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty, Nefran’ka, who was a powerful sorcerer that brought madness and death, city of pillars worshipped a foul and evil god, the black pharaoh, and soon there became no distinction between the two.
Bringing back up Aubrey, he mentions that he seemed different in person, less friendly, and rudely rebuked the Doctor.

At first mention of the bloody tongue he began speaking vaguely, and when we finally mention some of what we know he smiled slowly.

Some of the things he brings up include, great evil, magic, fantastic creatures, space and time, inquiring if we might think he’d be crazy speaking of such things.
He believed Nefran’ka was real, Midon and Dashur may have been built to contain evil, Dashur to protect Egypt.

The 6th dynasty, was ruled by the cruel queen Netacris, who was in cahoots with the B.P.; some of the things that represent them were snakes being a small representation of a huge beast, and a voice that carried on a black wind.

A prophecy speaks of “the B.P. will rise fingers and toes after the great one, 20 centuries after Jesus”

The clive group is at Giza and found a mummy, which may be Netacris, and now the mummy is rumored to be stolen, many evil reasons of which there would be to do so.
He is unsure why the one member was let go, but he is still in Egypt.

The Mosque of Ibn is south of old city, rumored to contain an object of great power to resurrect Queen Netacris

The Dr. would like any object we find associated with the Dark Pharaoh.



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