Cthulhu Redux (Masks of Nyarlathotep)

Nyarlathotep, we presume?

Josh was taking some notes, but I have a few quick highlights to share before I forget:

1. Nobody died or went insane. (Correction: nobody’s character went insane. I’m pretty sure this confusing, nerve-wracking campaign is driving me as a player insane.)

2. We met the Dark Pharoah (Nyarlathotep, who made Josh and I poo our pants) and showed us horrific visions. He also called us pathetic mortals or something similar you might expect from a movie in the X-men series.

3. The Egyptian Taliban was unable to protect whatever they were guarding to prevent the resurrection of Nitocris. They did not tell us what it was or take us up on our repeated and respectful offers to help guard it. (We learned later from Kev that we should have demonstrated we had magical powers . . . but given the Nazir was talking all Islamic and about demons, and we being white and non-muslim and all, we never considered it.)

4. There is division and treachery among members of the Clive Expedition who dug up Netrocris (funded by the Penhew Foundation). Jim Gardner is a good guy. Clive and Martin Winfield are bad guys.

5. We were annoyed by lots of cats and a hot woman who might have been Bast, the Egyptian goddess of cats. They wanted something the Clive Expedition had stolen. Because we hate the Clive Expedition (Penhew Foundation), we gave it back to her . . . after Ali Kafour translated it for us and revealed nothing Mythos-related.

6. We snuck into a rug merchant’s and beat up a drunk Dutchman who had worked for the Clive Expedition. His name (for our purposes) is Eddy Van Halen. Before taking his beating, he told us some useful information. Will’s country boy eventually game him a pistol-whipping lullaby.

7. Warren “Potsie” Bessart is French and was Carlyle’s old agent. He is a serious hash junkie, but told us some useful crap. (See leads and theories in the Forum tab). We left him strung out in a shitty neighborhood in Cairo.

8. Victor’s sanity is now down to 45, and Dr. Schmidt’s is somewhere in the 30s. At this rate, we’ll both be totally insane in 2-4 more sessions.

9. We safely tucked Sandy and Frenchie away from danger at the hotel when we met Nyarlathotep.



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