Cthulhu Redux (Masks of Nyarlathotep)

Sand and Silliness

we were exceptionally giddy and immature at ou short session yesterday, but we had a great time and nobody died.

Our team took off to me Nyiti of El Wasra, a tiny village a few hours drive outside of Cairo. The small village had several women named Nyiti, but fortunately we bumped into her son who was half-scooped away by some hideous scars left by some horror left to our imaginations.

He took us home to his jawless and wacked out mom, who displayed a moment of clarity to give us a rose stone tablet with an inscription of the eye of Osiris/Horus connected to the inverted ankh, a known symbol of our dreaded foes.

We remembered the stone color seemed to match the Red Pyramid, which we recalled was built as some sort of magical protection thang. So we assumed the inscription has a protective bent. We noticed it appears to be only half of the tablet, though. So, we rushed to the pyramid to locate the other half, but failed. We now think someone, perhaps the Carlyle expedition has the other half. Who has it? Where? What does it do? Details details.

We also embarked on a mission to halt the ressurection of Nitokris in the Giza pyramid. Based on the Action News report of Jim Gardner who suspected there were hidden tunnels at Giza, and the mysterious disappearance of the sarcophagus of Nipplekris, I mean Nitokris, we deduced the body was diverted via tunnel somewhere deep underground where this unholy ritual to raise her will occur.

So we stumbled fortunately upon a secret opening climbed and used magic to get in. Inside we encountered a maze of tunnels and killed some black-robed cultists including two humans and some terrible human-animal hybrids. Humanoids with the following heads were slain by our forces: bull, croc, ibis, hawk, and ocelot. Will blinded a couple and we stole their black robes in hopes of blending in somewhat. We journeyed down a large corridor down some steps and stopped for the day, because a big boss fight/ nazis opening the Ark of the Covenant thing seemed next.

Things are about to get real up in here.


don’t forget that we left the stone with dr. kafour. so if we all die underground, at least frenchie can go back and get the stone and carry on without us.

Sand and Silliness

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