Cthulhu Redux (Masks of Nyarlathotep)

The Reeling Midnight

Forming the Scooby Gang

Our adventure begins with five strangers ending up at the same party. For some like the well-to-do Victor Hamilton it isn’t unusual for others like the towering working class Jeremiah Stone it was an odd invitation. The party was in full swing, Sandy Bartlett met the charming and flirtatious Zoltan Varga and enjoyed his company before meeting up with her good friend Ginny Yeates to discuss Eugene Wilcox and his recent odd behavior Edward Greene made a new friend in the talkative Glenda Barr. Dr. Sam Matabe and Jeremiah met at the bar (full of illegal alcohol) for a strong drink and some pleasant conversation. Victor intrigued at how he was actually invited to the party spoke with the flamboyant Countess Ariadne Varga and acquaintance Stewart Portman but was left without answers.

The appearance of Gerrhardt Wvinch made the evening more interesting. He approached each of the group individually introducing himself as a psychic and asked them to join him in the conservatory at 11pm. In the Conservatory Gerrhardt suddenly seemed nervous and distracted, he asked the group to stick together and to go office 210, 313 Smith Street at 8pm tomorrow evening and inexplicably left the room. Confused the group began introductions and asking a number of questions. Before any answers could be discovered a gong sounded and the entire party was called to the Foyer. There, with a bit of the sense for the dramatic, the Countess descended the grand staircase and offered a toast to her guests, to which her guests responded well and resumed the festivities. Sandy’s friend Ginny did catch a glimpse of the elusive Eugene Wilcox and he ascended the stairs entwined about the countess. Distressed she and Sandy made a plan to speak with him later. Tragically that would never happen.

Short minutes later there was a gunshot from the Countess’ bedroom. The group ran to investigate accompanied by the distraught Zoltan Varga. Jeremiah assisted in breaking down the door only to discover young Eugene lying dead on the floor with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot would to the head, and the countess, apparently having fallen out of the window, lying in the bushes below. Victor discovered Stewart Portman attempting to flee via a window and detained him. Questioning of the Countess revealed that young Eugene had apparently suddenly began to threaten the Countess in the bedroom and produced a gun. Terrified the Countess tried to escape via the window when suddenly Mr. Wilcox turned the gun on himself, the shock of which caused the countess to loose her grip and fall. After a brief encounter with the police and Detective Ray Stuckey, the group was allowed to leave the scene.

The next day the group met and discussions continued to try to figure out how they were all connected. They kept their appoint at 8pm and met Mr. Joe Jospehs and his team. Joe went on to explain that he was putting together a network of individuals who might assist him in gathering information about the strange and unusual. He shared with them some information about the dark things that exist in the world and explained that they were somehow being drawn into that world because of their special abilities as “dreamers”, individuals who have a special connection to the dream world (and can be adversely affected by it in turn). He introduced the other members of his team; Violette Townsend gifted with the ability to sense other gifted individuals, Cheveyo Sumatzkuku the frail Native American with a warrior spirit and Mae Whitlock the enigmatic grandmother who everyone calls “Nan”. Not surprisingly the group had many question but Joe answered all in turn as honestly as possible and eventually won over the group. He also explained that Nan would be doing some training for each of them, training to keep them safe from the nightmares they had been experiencing. He encouraged them to continue to investigate the Vargas and suggested they speak further with Gerrhardt, who was also part of Joe’s network.

Later that evening they met with Gerrhardt. He explained he had been investigating the Vargas for a few weeks and suspected that they might be involved in some con but had not yet discovered what that con might be. He also explained that he had attempted a seance at the Countess’ request and had had a strange result which caused some memory loss and it was reported he was making strange noises. Furthermore, last night he sensed a terribly dark presence in the house, it had frightened him which was why he left so abruptly. He offered to hold another seance to see if additional information could be obtained. The group gathered around the candlelit table and joined hands. Gerrhardt called to the aether…suddenly he began yelling saying “I am the mother, you must leave this place…Atlach-Nacha reigns here!” In the briefest of instants Sandy and Jeremiah witnessed Gerrhardt’s face contort into something otherworldly with glowing red eyes and large fangs, fangs which Gerrhardt sank into his own shoulder. The group discovered Gerrhardt’s convulsing body on the floor near his chair. They administered brief first aid with Dr. Matabe and Jeremiah eventually taking him to Arkham General hospital (where Dr. Matabe did not make any friends and was summarily ejected from the emergency services ward.)

Continuing the investigation the group eventually discovered the Countess visiting the grave sites of two recently deceased young men, young men that the group discovered had been found dead in unusual circumstances. Library research and discussion with various contact revealed little information of value about the name Atlach-Nacha. With suspicions high but little else to go on, the group returns to the Varga estate for the weekly Friday party

The party in much more sedate and certainly less well attended. Zoltan seems distracted and annoyed, unlike his usual charming self. The Countess is even more flamboyant, flirtatious and gregarious. As the group mingles they notice that Zoltan is keeping a close eye on the Countess eventually leading them to argue, an argument which progressed to yelling, running up the staircase and slamming the bedroom door. Unbeknown to the host Victor had scaled the outside wall and had managed to secret himself inside a wardrobe…a wardrobe already occupied with was possible a dead body in a bag. With the majority of the group left at the bottom of the stairs observing the retreating Vargas and Victor now trapped in the wardrobe in the very room the Vargas went, things are getting interesting.

Suddenly the yelling turns to screams and shattering glass, the maid runs out of the room and down the stairs screaming “she’s killed him”. Rushing to the bedroom the group discover Zoltan lying on the floor with a horrible wound to his throat, trying to breath but making terrible gurgling noises. Edward runs to the broken window and peers out only to be struck from above and thrown to the ground below. Weapons are drawn but nothing else is seen in the room…but there is a scuttling noise on the roof. This is confusion, Edward yells up from the ground that he saw something climb onto the roof. As a plan is being formed there is more shattering glass and screams from below in the foyer. Jeremiah advances and sees an unimaginable horror. The countess has transformed into some horrid amalgamation of human and spider. She has both human limbs and spider legs, now jutting out the side of her body at unnatural angles. Her head has grown to twice it’s side and instead of a human face, there are the hairy pedipalps and huge fangs. As ungainly as the monster looks, it is incredibly fast. Jeremiah levels his shotgun and injures the beast but also draws it attention and it rapidly closes the distance to the second floor, now screaming “my babies, my babies!”. A battle ensues ending with Victor skewering the creature as it attempt to make it’s way into the attic. However, the house is now ablaze from Dr. Matabe’s modified Molotov cocktail. Filling with flames and smoke, huge spiders with human faces fall from the ceiling calling for their mother. The group attempt to defend themselves and flee the fire so they retreat into the bedroom. Sandy is overcome with fear and becomes hysterical. Thanks to the combined efforts of Dr. Matabe and Edward in the bedroom and Jeremiah and Victor on the ground below, Sandy is safely incapacitated and lowered to the ground. Full engulfed in flames the group makes a hasty retreat before the police arrive.



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