Edward Greene, IV


His father was in the military and so Edward spent a lot of his childhood traveling around, living on military bases, and learning life/survival skills. It was assumed that Edward would eventually enlist as well, but as he got older, he developed a growing distrust for the military and the government believing in conspiracy theories that there was too much information that was being withheld from the public.

Tragically, he lost his mother when he was 15 to a sudden and unexplained death. His father never spoke of the circumstances, and Ed wondered if this was part of a military cover-up as well. He was certain that there was some explanation, but he did not have the ability or the means to get any information. It was that time in his life that he turned his intellect toward discovering the secrets that the military and government were trying to hide.

He chose to study psychology and psychoanalysis for several reasons. First, he would learn more about the human mind which he would hope to use to unlock these mysteries that haunted his thoughts. He also knew that this course of education would allow him access to different areas of the library for research purposes where he was able to expand his studies to areas of forbidden knowledge like the occult. He believed that this study might provide insights to the secrets of the government, or that these were the very secrets the government was trying to hide.

As he studied the occult, he became increasingly curious if his mother’s death was somehow related to some other-worldly events. In his warped mind, it seemed to make so much sense. Because of this connection, he became engrossed in the study of occult knowledge. However, he knew he would need to gain access to other sources of information, so he continued his study of psychology as well as other viewpoints beyond the occult of religion, philosophy, and general intellectual pursuits. He was ready to put his plan in place.

After receiving his bachelors and eventually his master’s degree and Ph.D, he enlisted his father’s help in becoming a consultant for the military. His hope was to gain access to military minds to discover their secrets. He studied cryptography to give himself another possible entry-point into areas concerning military secrets, and was able to use his father’s influence and standing to gain position and security clearances that would have otherwise been more difficult to obtain.

Edward Greene, IV

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