Jeremiah Stone

Seeker of Vengeance


Occupation: Vengeance Seeker
Birthplace: Owl’s Head, VT
Birth-date: June 6, 1891
Residence: Currently passing through Arkham

Jeremiah was born in the back woods of VT to parents Miles and Lenore. While Lenore was a loving, caring woman, almost to a fault, Miles was a hard and callous man, who seemed to let the hard life they lived get to him a bit too much. He would take Jeremiah to school early, teaching him the important things to help the family along: Hunting, fishing, tracking, skinning, shooting, even working a little with dynamite and explosives and the like. Jeremiah learned quickly, for even the slightest imperfection in technique brought the wrath of God down on him from his father. Miles would often beat him as if he were a grown man, and the more he drank, the worse the beatings were. Jeremiah had planned to leave home, but couldn’t bring himself to leave his mother alone with his overbearing father. He never understood why she stayed, or why she married him in the first place.

On September 3rd of 1908, Lenore died giving birth to a baby girl, Eleanor. Both Miles and Jeremiah were devastated when Lenore passed. Miles crawled completely into the bottle, leaving Jeremiah to both raise his sister and as make sure the family stayed afloat. Jeremiah took up work with explosives, increasing his knowledge in the area vastly. Things weren’t usually pretty in the house, but Miles often got so drunk so fast he didn’t get to bother Jeremiah too often. When he was conscious enough, his behavior was erratic at best, but mostly weird. He would often mutter strange things to himself, leave the house for hours on end and wander aimlessly, and the worst was his attempt to dig Lenore’s grave up.

As time went on, Jeremiah found himself less and less the brunt of Miles’ abuse. While a good thing, the problem was Miles would turn that abuse towards Ellie. With Jeremiah old enough and big enough to do as much damage as he took, the fights that took place between father and son became ugly, though often ending in a draw.

Jeremiah had decided he had enough. He went out to gather some things, intending to return, gather his sister, and leave their father there to rot alone. Upon returning home, he walked in to the most horrible of all scenarios. The fight that ensued was epic. Jeremiah fought like a bastard, planning to kill his father, but Miles fought like a man possessed, even above and beyond their previous fights, and certainly beyond the level of a man so drunk. Miles finally got the better of Jeremiah, knocking him unconscious.

When he awoke, both Miles and Ellie were gone. Jeremiah has been tracking them since, in the hopes of recovering his sister. He has tracked them all across the country, even seeing them on rare occasion, but has never been quite quick enough to catch up completely. While able to sustain himself fairly well on the land, Jeremiah would occasionally take work in the cities he was passing through in order to pick up a little cash. He quickly found he could make the most money when a local politician or rival needed to learn a lesson. He would either pay them a visit, or leave them a present attached to their car. His limited time in any one place made it easy to get in and out and be gone.

He has currently tracked his father and sister through the northeast, believing they have come through Arkham.

Jeremiah Stone

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