Mustafa-oğlu Faruk


Born in a small village along the southwestern coast of Turkey, Faruk grew up as a stern and serious child. Not bitter mind you, but very proud of his heritage. From family, to village, to country, Faruk grew to be a proud man. It was this pride that not only led him in to the military when the full on war broke out, but allowed him to excel in his duties. Not willing to accept foreign occupation of Turkey, Faruk was a fierce combatant, quickly rising through the ranks. As known as he was for his valor in combat, it was the quieter work Faruk performed that garnered him his highest praise from his superiors. If a prisioner was captured, and information needed, Faruk was called upon to speak with them. He had quite an unholy skill of making men talk.

As the war wound down, and invaders expelled, Faruk’s life was about to change. He discovered that many Greek generals, politicians, and higher-ups in general were to be appointed land and homes in Turkey. While this was to be done with the hopes of keeping the Greeks from attacking again once they regrouped, Faruk viewed this as a betrayal from his leaders. After confronting them without satisfaction, he took matters in to his own hands. He began planning a revolution.

Aside from people and dissent, any good revolution needs two things to work: guns and money. It did not take Faruk long to become one of the most influential gun runners of the Mediterranean area. Some weapons he stockpiled to arm his revolution, the rest he resold for profit.

Just as Faruk is finally ready to strike, his outpost is attacked and he is forced to flee. Faruk runs, first through Syria, eventually down in to Cairo. Once he is hidden and out of imminent daanger, he finds through his contacts that he was betrayed by some of his fellow revolutionaries.

Faruk vows to deal with who must be dealt with, but for now he must stay from his homeland.

Mustafa-oğlu Faruk

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