Reinald de Marchand



Reinald de Marchand was born August 21, 1889 in Leucate France. He was the son of Jean and Marie de Marchand. At an early age Reinald was exposed to art by his father who was an accomplished painter. By age five Reinald was showing much promise and was soon painting on his own. At the age of six Reinald was enrolled in the Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts and was the youngest student to have ever been accepted. Although Reinald was very talented and enjoyed learning, his time at school was a cruel lesson in the jealousy of others. Reinald kept mostly to himself and was ostracized by his fellow classmates, but that mattered little to him. He simply loved to paint and spent many sleepless nights with his canvas.

Two days before his ninth birthday Reinald received notice that his home had caught fire and that both of his parents perished in their sleep. The cause of the fire was never determined. Reinald was now to live with his Uncle Edmond in the town of L’Estaque.

Uncle Edmond was an avid sailor and merchant of goods who was un-married and had no children but treated Reinald as if he were his own son. Reinald became fond of his uncle and learned all there was about the sea and sailing. Reinald had found happiness again, but it was short lived. While on his way to trade coffee to the French colony of Djibouti his boat was boarded by British sailors. He and his uncle were accussed of being spies of the Royal Navy and were imprisoned in Tanzania. Reinald and Edmond were held there for three years of which Edmond died of malaria.

After being released, Reinald vowed he would do everything in his power to see the downfall of the British Empire. In the following years he smuggled everything from pearls, to hashish, to guns. He especially liked the long and treacherous routes that few other smugglers were willing to do. There was nothing that he wouldn’t smuggle or anywhere he wouldn’t go for the right price. He eventually had enough money to purchase his own ship which he christensd the “Soaring Eagle”. It was an agile and fast cutter that could easily evade any of the Royal Navy’s ships. Reinald tirelessly sailed the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa coast from Tanzania to Aden, Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula and Suez. Recently Reinald has been smuggling artwork out of Europe to wealthy clients in the United States.

Reinald de Marchand

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