Cthulhu Redux (Masks of Nyarlathotep)

London, Take 2

We began by discussing a few things we learned from “Life as a God”—that the staff is used to invoke Niambi (as we already suspected) and there is an entity or person called the Black Pharaoh who figures into all of this.

On Wednesday, February 6, Sandy and the good doctors went to case the Penhew Foundation. The trio found a grand and elegant Victorian building, featuring Italian marble and opulent woodwork. The building is surrounded by other offices (solicitors, shipping office—hours 8:30-5:30), and is slightly less tall than other buildings nearby. Upon entering the main door, there is a security guard. Up a flight of stairs there is a receptionist’s desk, behind which are hallways and doors. After playing the dumb American reporter, Sandy learns that Gavigan’s office is likely down one of the hallways. Upstairs is an exhibit hall with Egyptian artifacts, such as pottery, knives, tablets, cat sarcophagi, scarabs, statuettes, and mummies. There are 3 closed doors in the hall on each side of the room, a down staircase and a service elevator. 3 of the rooms are file rooms and the other 3 are exam rooms.

Following the back stairs down past a “Staff only” sign, Sandy found herself at the end of what appeared to be Gavigan’s hallway. There is also an exit which leads to a delivery area behind the building (which Dr. Greene had already scouted). In the area, there are 2 Middle Eastern guys smoking, and a gate with a door in it.

Other party members scouted out the spice shop. I’ll leave it to them to summarize their activities (I wasn’t around to take notes).

That evening, the gang decided to break in to the Penhew Foundation. Reinald called to cancel his date with Tewfiq.

All but Reinald and Dr. Ernie snuck around to the back of the building. Reinald and Ernie stayed out front to create a diversion—Reinald pretended that Ernie stole his wallet and started an altercation that, rather than distracting the security guard, merely created a crowd. The rest of the group broke in the back door…only to find a security guard, who the party stabbed and dragged into the staff room. A noise came from the front of the office; Victor and Sandy followed the noise…only to find a cleaning lady, who Victor dispatched. At least now the party had the keys to all the doors!

Greene and Stone scouted out the upstairs area without finding much. Victor and Sandy found Gavigan’s office. In the office were 3 closet doors; the closets contained clothes and some storage of small boxes, pottery shards, and ID cards. Sandy closely examined the back of the closets and found a false panel leading to a storage room. The room contained boxes, crates and old furniture, as well as a mummy case in poor condition, with jeweled eyes. On the floor near the mummy case was an area that looked less dusty. After pressing the eyes, a whirring noise began, and a staircase into a basement was revealed.

The party went into the basement and found a treasure trove—a bookcase, various artwork (statues, paintings), as well as 2 crates. One crate was table-sized and bore the label Ho Fong Imports, 15 Kao Yang Road, Shanghai China Attn: Ho Fong. The other crate was 18-20 inches, and was addressed to Randolph Shipping Co., Port Darwin, N. Terr., Dominion of Australia, personal to Mr. Randolph. Also in the basement was a cabinet with powders and herbs. The party found tins of food, bottles of water, a revolver, money, candles, matches, and various passports with Gavigan’s picture but other names. Finally, the party found an ornate chest containing 2 silver daggers, a stone jar with powder inside, and 15 scrolls. The party took the money, passports, revolver, bullets, a tentacle-y statuette, books, 15 scrolls, the chest, and the jar.

And then the party realized that they had no getaway car. So Sandy and Ernie (?) went out to find one; Sandy used her mechanical knowledge to start the stolen car, and the party got away with the loot.

On 2/7, Sandy photographed the passports, developed the pictures, and sent the original passports to the police. Some of the party went to the spice shop; Reinald went in to talk to Tewfiq, and after watching the shop for a while, the party discovered that Tewfiq seemed to live next door. Later, they broke into the apartment and found Middle Eastern decorations, including a curio with statues of Egyptian-looking gods. Also in the apartment was a roll top desk containing records and invoices. There was an ornate, asymmetrical mirror with human figures on the frame; the surface of the mirror appeared to ripple. The desk had a secret compartment that contained a black silk robe, a necklace with an ankh, a crumbling scroll, a skull cap, inverted ankhs, sandstone vials, and 2 scepters. We took what we could, and photographed the rest.

A lot of stuff went down at the night club, but again, Sandy wasn’t there, so I don’t know what all happened. The rest of us slept on the boat.

We tried to leave, but were stopped because we didn’t fill out the proper departure paperwork. When we went back to fill it out, we saw the same turbaned man we injured in NY. We got out of England as fast as we could and went to LeHave to regroup.

On 2/11, we went back to the UK and landed at Southampton. We took the train to London and rented 2 cars. Staking out the night club, we saw a smoking Abdul but no Tewfiq. He was also gone from the shop.

On 2/13, we headed to Southampton to the boat to sail to France, find a quiet spot, and study up.

At least this is what I have in my notes. Feel free to correct with your own recollections.



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