Dr. Ernie Schmidt

Dapper mob doctor


Dr. Ernest Schmidt is a recently deceased doctor from Hoboken, New Jersey . . . which is bloody convenient for Felix Werner of Brooklyn. Dr. Schmidt died of natural causes at the age of 68, and a certain organized crime family in New Jersey appropriated the good doctor’s name, licensing credentials and identify and bestowed them on young Felix.

Felix Werner grew up in a German-American located in Brooklyn, and was a reasonably studious child whose parents drove him to serious scholarship and the eventual study of medicine. Werner was able to earn his MD from Columbia before the war, and avoided conscription with the help of some shady friends in organized crime. Unfortunately for Felix, he was caught performing abortions (then illegal) by a particularly zealous prosecutor and lost his license to practice medicine.

Soon after, his friends in the mob were able to provide Felix with Dr. Schmidt’s credentials. In the pre-information age, little was done in the way of background checks and Werner has been able to practice again. Of course, these favors come with strings, and the mob has asked “Dr. Ernie Schmidt” to help them with medical matters. When a gangster catches a bullet or a knife wound and needs treatment without officials being alerted, they go to Ernie. If a guy knocks up a girl, or a brothel-owner needs his girls kept clean enough to work, Ernie’s the man.

Working in this world, Ernie’s had to watch his back pretty closely and comes into contact with some pretty rough customers. He’s learned to handle himself with his fists and with his dad’s old Mauser broomhandle pistol that he keeps in his doctor’s bag.

Dr. Ernie has just hit another stretch of bad luck, though. The nephew of his employers was brought in to be patched up when he suffered injuries after a bank job. To help treat the pain, Dr. Ernie administered morphine. The nephew got hooked and the mobsters blame Ernie. At this point, Ernie’s intuition tells him that it’s just about time to skip town before he ends up floating in the East River.

Joe, we have a good concept for your investigator in CoC . . . mob doctor. Your PC is a doctor who lost his license to practice medicine, but through mob connections was given new credentials. (from a recently deceased physician in Hoboken). In return, your guy has had to treat a number of gangsters for gunshot and other violent injuries, perform abortions and help treat whores for the mob, etc. The nephew of a Brooklyn underboss, who you treated after a near fatal stabbing has become a heroin addict and you have been wrongly scapegoated as the cause. Growing up in that tough world, you learned how to handle yourself in a fight and have carried a gat for personal protection and know how to use it.

Dr. Ernie Schmidt

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